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Where should you focus your marketing efforts on social media if you sell to commercial accounts?

If you’re in business to sell commercial insurance and want to market smart using social media platforms, the best two for you would be LinkedIn and YouTube. LinkedIn is focussed on business, and a large number of commercial clients and insurance prospects use LinkedIn. Work your leads with due diligence and check them out on LinkedIn before calling or sending out any information. Researching a prospective client before talking to them shows you have done your homework, not to mention you already have a good idea of what they would need in terms of insurance coverage.

Agents and brokers will find YouTube an excellent platform for sharing recorded webinars, videos, executive briefings and customer testimonials. Remember, those customer testimonials came from the leads you purchased from benepath.net. If you think your marketing dollars need to be spent somewhere else, think about the power of social media and set up a branded LinkedIn company page and a YouTube Channel, then get to work to market your agency at a level you may never have dreamed was possible before.

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