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For Sales Success, Pursue Quality Health Insurance Leads

Why waste time following questionable leads when you could be buying top-quality ones from a reputable lead generation company?

Insurance agents have all had some experience with lousy leads. These leads are so chewed up by the time they reach the agency that there is no sense in even calling the contact. Shared health insurance leads can be an agent’s nightmare; who would want to call an exhausted content who has already spoken to five or six other agents? The cost of shared leads is painful, especially when contact after contact hangs up immediately (or, even worse, shouts and invents brand-new, unsavory names for you). It’s disheartening, discouraging, depressing — and completely unnecessary.

If you want to pursue promising leads with your time, be prepared to invest in options that suit your demographic and geographic parameters. If you choose the right kind of leads for your agency, the initial costs will recoup itself in the eventual profits. Quality leads do have a higher upfront cost, but “saving” money on leads will only delay (if not prevent) your success as an agent.

If you invest in well-chosen leads, your business will grow accordingly. If you choose to “save”, you will get what you did not pay for. No matter the quality, leads are a significant expense. If you choose those unlikely to pay off in the future, you are choosing to waste time and money.

Many poor-quality leads do not offer genuine contacts, and they often contain misleading information (from tire-kickers and pranksters to the family pet). Who has such time to waste?
Before you buy, give some thought to the three things that make your agency the best in the business. Your policies are fairly priced and offer good coverage; you are able to respond with integrity and intuition to what people want and need; and you know how to communicate effectively with those seeking insurance. In today’s society, everyone must have at least one form of insurance. A good agent can help a potential customer through the maze of options and explain the necessities and benefits. By using your time and money to pursue quality leads, success will be yours.

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