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The best leads are fresh Medicare supplement leads

The warmer your Medicare supplement leads, the quicker you sell. That’s a fact you can bank on.

In the all encompassing rush to sell Medicare supplement leads, agents sometimes overlook the quality of the leads they are paying for —- a mistake that may cost them business. Yes, there are a number of types of leads you can buy, and no matter what niche you choose to sell in, you will want the best. Typically, the best leads are those that are the freshest. Who wants to chase a lead that, when all is said and done, turns out to be a month old and a dud? It happens.

You want leads that are not like the Energizer Bunny and go on and on and circulate amongst so many agents you have lost count. In short, you want fresh, as in at least within the same day or hour of someone asking for information, because they are in the market to buy. The fresher the lead, the higher your chances you sell a policy.

It’s not rocket science to know that if you call a potential customer quickly, discuss their needs, answer their questions and offer good service that you will close a sale faster than talking to someone who spent two days talking to what seemed like every insurance agent in the country. In fact, you might just get the phone slammed down in your ear.
If you’re in business to make a profit, the last thing you want to do is waste time on unproductive calls with people who have no interest in what you are saying or selling. This is where fresh and hot off the presses Medicare supplement leads come in. That means, in a nutshell, that you get leads that no one else has talked to, which increases your chances exponentially of making a sale. It also means they won’t hang up on you. Fresh leads close rapidly, provided you work them with due diligence. Remember, just because you are the only person getting the fresh leads does not mean you can let them fall by the wayside and not work them.

Got some negative chatter back on your leads? As in they are not going to buy right now? That happens. Just hang in there and keep in touch. It may take some leads up to six weeks to make a purchase. If you only call once and never again, you have lost a potential sale. Just remember if they have not bought any type of policy in the past that does not mean they will not buy one now. Never assume. You cannot make up a person’s mind for them. You can only offer information and leave the final decision up to them.

Also there are fresh leads that started out indicating they wanted to buy something and then changed their minds, deciding they won’t get anything. That’s life. Move on. Give it some time, but ultimately, make a judgment call as to whether or not they will buy. You’ll know from the tenor of your conversations.

In the final analysis, fresh leads are best in terms of return on the investment of your marketing dollars. Hang in there. Your business will grow.

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