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Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads

Speaking of Medicare supplement leads, let’s just take a moment to mention exclusive Medicare supplement leads. Maybe you have already heard about exclusive Medicare supplement leads, and not in a good way. Perhaps a colleague told you about the time they got ripped off by some company that said their leads were exclusive, but really sold them to at least seven other agents. Those are NOT exclusive Medicare supplement leads. But YES, there IS such a thing as exclusive leads. You just have to know where to find them. Shop around for a company that knows what it is doing, check out their programs, and ask lots of questions, after all, it’s your money. If you don’t get something they are telling you, then keep asking even more questions, until you understand how their lead system works and what the differences are between regular leads and the exclusive ones. In other words, you want to buy your leads from a company that when it says “exclusive” leads, they MEAN exclusive to ONLY you.

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