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Health Insurance Leads Tip To Make More Sales

When working your health insurance leads, I have found that one of the biggest mistakes agents make is finding out what a client’s needs are with the exception of their budget. So the client tells the agent all the wonderful benefits they need and then gets sticker shock when the agent tells them how much it will cost. After that, there is no recovery.

Simply put, never present an $800 plan to someone with a $400 budget.

Always know how much the client can spend and then present the best possible plan based on the budget and needs.

Finally, when you have your plan to present – restate what they told you they wanted including the budget and then tell them “Based on all of this, here is the best option available in your area…”

This shows them you have been listening and will help you gain their trust.

We have some good scripts we can share if anyone is interested.

To Your Success!

Clelland Green


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