Group insurance leads may not pay off right away

It should come as no surprise to a seasoned insurance agent that group insurance leads do not always pay off, at least not right away. This isn’t at all unusual because when a big-ticket item like group insurance is being contemplated the prospective buyer usually wants to get as much information as they can before they make the final decision to buy.

These days, it’s not unusual to hear about companies dropping group insurance or cutting back on what they offer employees. The still shaky economy is the reason for that. What company in their right mind wants to immediately jump on the bandwagon of offering group insurance to workers if they may have to downsize suddenly or shut their doors.

For agents wanting to pursue group insurance leads, it is best to order the exclusive ones. These days, if you get an exclusive lead from a reputable lead generation company, you know it is a good lead, as they are pre-screened and pre-qualified and have actually asked to have an insurance agent contact them. No sense wasting your valuable time trying to chase down leads on your own, not in this economic maelstrom. If you stick with exclusive leads, they have the potential to pay off later, and that is an encouraging starting point.

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Health insurance leads work wonders for your business, provided you know your products

There is no sense in buying health insurance leads if you are not going to spend the time to learn about every product you carry. Customers will ask you about the products when you contact them. If you don’t know what you are selling or how it will suit a potential client, don’t kid yourself that they won’t notice you aren’t so sure about what you’re selling. People want to buy from someone who knows what they are doing, knows what they are selling and can answer just about any question thrown at them. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can most definitely expect to struggle selling health insurance. That’s a no-brainer.

So before you order health insurance leads from a lead generation company, make sure you are a whiz when it comes to knowing about the products you offer. It’s not just selling an insurance policy that makes a business successful. It’s knowing the product and providing the service later. If you can’t do everything a customer needs, your ability to keep them as customers diminishes. Look at it this way: If you were a potential customer and got an insurance agent on the phone that did not know their products very well, would you buy something from them? Likely not. So bone up on your products. Your knowledge sells insurance.

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Growing an insurance agency can be an adventure

Growing an insurance agency can definitely be an adventure, and no doubt you’re going to make mistakes along the way. That’s good. Making mistakes is a way to grow and learn what not to do. One thing to remember is that marketing, no matter what you are marketing, including an insurance agency, is similar to working in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) profession.

How so you ask? Your leads in the MLM industry are an investment to work, to ensure you receive an income, much like insurance leads are an investment to work when you want to sell insurance. In short, without leads, you cannot grow. So, you need to work insurance leads from a lead generation company just like you would work MLM leads. Know you products. Strive to educate your potential customer. Provide good service. Follow up and promptly answer any questions. Be personable. Stay on top of your training.

The most important thing for you to understand when you buy leads is that you can’t just read them and file them. They come to you in real time, and if you work them right away, your chances of converting a potential customer is high. While they may take a few weeks to eventually decide what they want, they have already indicated they are interested in insurance and need information. This is the time to take action and do due diligence.

If you wait on your leads and let them age, you stand the chance of losing them. When people go to the trouble to fill out a contact form requesting an agent, they generally expect to hear from someone within at least 24 hours. Wait any longer and the lead may lose their enthusiasm for buying a policy. You know what to do. Do it with enthusiasm and do it quickly and watch your agency grow.

Ever thought about group meetings to spread your message?

Not a lot people enjoy hosting or running large meetings. Despite starting out with a defined goal and a set topic for discussion, the meetings often devolve into dwelling on side issues brought up as the discussion progresses. In some ways this can be beneficial for you as an agent, because it gives you a chance to address other concerns along with the main topic of your meeting.

Certainly meetings with large groups are often fraught with ambushes along the way, but the best way to deal with a question out of the blue is to thank the individual for asking the question and ask if you can set up a personal meeting to go over those concerns. In other words, off topic questions may still lead to sales opportunities. You just have to be ready to go with the flow and recognize the opportunity to make another sale and educate another potential customer.

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Medicare Supplement Leads Come in Many Forms

Medicare supplement insurance is popular for a variety of reasons, but chiefly because it saves American seniors a decent amount of money every year.
Today, a career in the insurance industry is a wise choice, particularly if you sell Medicare supplements. They are the main staple of many thriving insurance agencies. Those agencies that have built their customer base using Medicare supplement leads know that no matter how many leads they get, they always need more. Agents always want to have other lead generation techniques in their marketing arsenals.
Cold calling may be dead as a trend, but it actually does work for some agents. Those with a knack for engaging people in conversations find it easy to discuss just about anything with their potential customers, including what type of insurance they need to protect their health. Ease with the topic paves the way to a greater rapport between an agent and a lead, and a knowledge of the product allows agents to sell what they know would work for prospects with confidence.
In addition to sourcing pre-screened leads from a reputable lead generation company, other tried, tested and true tactics may include use of free classified ads, message boards, an agent’s website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media platforms. Agents should make sure to tailor the message to each medium and to write succinctly. It can be a big task, but making a pitch or posting information on Twitter comes easily for those who know their products. If written eloquence poses a challenge, agents can hire the work out.
However, an interested agent should note that some of the Medicare supplement leads found via social media and other methods may not be of the highest quality. Expand beyond one lead generation method. Combine social media and purchased leads for a solid, blended marketing strategy that provides leads on a daily basis.
Those who have an agency or personal agent’s website should make certain it is up-to-date with the latest information and looks fresh, appealing and clean. The site should be easy to load and should contain relevant information for seniors searching for Medicare supplement insurance. With a clean and functional website, a business can grow exponentially. A website gives an agent the opportunity to explain insurance jargon in plain English and to tell people what they need to know to make informed decisions about which Medicare supplements are the best fit.
Agents should treat each potential customer as if he or she were already a customer. A successful agent will go the extra mile to help someone choose the right supplement.

Maximize group insurance sales with a lead generation company

The best way to get good group insurance leads is to buy from a reputable lead generation company.

Agents often find it difficult to sell group insurance, despite the fact that the policies are quite lucrative when a sale is made. In part, this is because it is difficult to get companies to consider group insurance in the current economic climate.

Fair observation, but consider this. With reputably purchased leads from a solid lead generation source, an agent can contact companies who filled out forms for information online or provided phone numbers asking for information. Those companies are easily the ones with the highest chance of converting.

Some convert fairly quickly — maybe within a week. Others may take up to eight weeks. But if you follow up, keep in touch and provide good service, chances are that your next call will bring a sale.

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