How Leads Help Grow and Expand Your Insurance Business

Stop and think a bit about how leads help grow and expand your business. Sure, you could get out there and do some cold calling, but do you have the time and money to deal with the frustration of having people say flat out, “I don’t want to talk to an insurance agent.”

Fine. Those words are actually what prompted the growth of lead-generation companies. Now people can choose to speak with insurance agents, if they want, by simply calling in and asking for information, or filling out an online contact form expressing an interest in getting a call from someone.

Voila. Your lead from a lead-generation company is ready to go, ready to talk to you, ready to listen and more than likely ready to buy once he or she gets the required information. Leads come in real time, prescreened and prequalified, ready to be worked. Who needs cold calling when leads make life easy?

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