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Group Insurance Leads Can Be Lucrative if Worked Properly

Your group insurance leads can pay off in a big way, provided you work them correctly.

It’s no secret that group insurance leads that convert can be lucrative to your insurance agency. This is why it pays to have a source of viable, interested and prescreened leads. The more quality leads you have, the better your chances of building clientele and generating a nice income.

Remember though, quality leads do not grow on trees and if you want to make money, you need to invest in the right kinds of leads that have a high conversion rate. To ensure you get the best leads, aim for real-time, prequalified, prescreened leads that are ready to purchase. You do not want tire kickers or the curious. You want people with a serious and genuine interest in purchasing group insurance.
If you opt to get exclusive leads in this niche, your chance of converting those leads is relatively high. Understand that they do not just roll over the minute you call them. Selling group insurance is not like shooting fish in a barrel. You must still work for your sales. Know your product. Know where to find the kind of information your potential customers want and need. Offer quality products and superior customer service.

While much of this may sound like a no-brainer, it is important to point out that in this day and age the emphasis is more on the social aspects of selling and service than on the mechanics of a sale. That being said, the whole picture is important to consider. If you know your product, know how to provide good service, and combine those two things into a pleasing and personable approach to sales, your track record becomes phenomenal. Sales are a lot about you, and not always so much about the product alone.

Before you run out to buy your leads, keep your eyes on your target. In other words, are you interested in selling individual health insurance, or interested in selling group health insurance? If you lean towards group insurance, your clients are bound to be employers. This means you need to have an understanding of their point of view; they do not want to bust their budget to offer insurance to their workers. If you know that going in, you have a selling edge by offering the right kind of reasonably priced group insurance options.

Stay on top of your leads, follow up with confidence and make appointments. Ensure that the product you are offering not only suits the workplace but also meets the employer’s budget. If you can meet those expectations and come in with a good quote, chances are you will get the business. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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