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Medicare Supplement Leads Come in Many Forms

Medicare supplement insurance is popular for a variety of reasons, but chiefly because it saves American seniors a decent amount of money every year.
Today, a career in the insurance industry is a wise choice, particularly if you sell Medicare supplements. They are the main staple of many thriving insurance agencies. Those agencies that have built their customer base using Medicare supplement leads know that no matter how many leads they get, they always need more. Agents always want to have other lead generation techniques in their marketing arsenals.
Cold calling may be dead as a trend, but it actually does work for some agents. Those with a knack for engaging people in conversations find it easy to discuss just about anything with their potential customers, including what type of insurance they need to protect their health. Ease with the topic paves the way to a greater rapport between an agent and a lead, and a knowledge of the product allows agents to sell what they know would work for prospects with confidence.
In addition to sourcing pre-screened leads from a reputable lead generation company, other tried, tested and true tactics may include use of free classified ads, message boards, an agent’s website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media platforms. Agents should make sure to tailor the message to each medium and to write succinctly. It can be a big task, but making a pitch or posting information on Twitter comes easily for those who know their products. If written eloquence poses a challenge, agents can hire the work out.
However, an interested agent should note that some of the Medicare supplement leads found via social media and other methods may not be of the highest quality. Expand beyond one lead generation method. Combine social media and purchased leads for a solid, blended marketing strategy that provides leads on a daily basis.
Those who have an agency or personal agent’s website should make certain it is up-to-date with the latest information and looks fresh, appealing and clean. The site should be easy to load and should contain relevant information for seniors searching for Medicare supplement insurance. With a clean and functional website, a business can grow exponentially. A website gives an agent the opportunity to explain insurance jargon in plain English and to tell people what they need to know to make informed decisions about which Medicare supplements are the best fit.
Agents should treat each potential customer as if he or she were already a customer. A successful agent will go the extra mile to help someone choose the right supplement.

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