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Know Your Group Health Insurance Policies

The better you know your product, the faster you can close a sale.

Most employers know they need group health insurance, but they do not have the time to study the options. They rely on you to inform them about pricing, details and the implementation of a given policy at a business like theirs. If you can’t answer those questions, it’s unlikely that you can make a sale. Many experienced agents already know this, of course. But some agents discover, at their own expense, that knowing their policies “in general” is not sufficient to carry to close a sale. Moreover, if you don’t know your policies intimately, you run the risk of selling someone the wrong group insurance policy.

Most of your potential group-health clients will be employers who want an economical solution that covers their workers adequately with little fuss. The more you understand a company’s expectations of health coverage, the better you can tailor solutions and present offerings to suit their needs.

Do not assume leads will know your job, because they will not. A business does not always leave its members time to explore insurance policy options. Keep them informed. Show them what they need to know. Stay in touch, earn their trust and work to close the sale.

There are lots of competitors out there. If you do not prime and prep your client properly, you may lose the sale to someone else. Remember to ask potential clients for an appointment, so you can show them what they need to know about your group health insurance policies. They’re busy. You’re busy. If you want to make a sale, you need to accommodate their timetables. A sale could be made or broken by not offering to meet them on their ground, on their time.

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