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Group insurance leads are gold, so work them diligently for the best results

Yes, this economy is not the greatest. Even though it appears that we are in recovery mode, there are still thousands of American companies that are rethinking their position on offering group insurance to their workers. So, when you need leads in this area, you want to know that what you get is a solid lead, one that has the potential to convert.

If you deal with Benepath.net, you get solid leads, ones which have been checked out and sent to you to work to close. Despite the tough economy, there are still companies and individuals who want group insurance for the benefits it provides. Don’t give up on the leads you get too soon. Sometimes it may take up to six weeks to make a sale. That is not unusual given the fact that it is a big financial decision.

Use follow up emails, send a personal note to distinguish you from the competition, compile a monthly newsletter chockfull of relevant facts about group insurance and know your products. You can’t lose if you stay on top of things.

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