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Do you know that the difference between marketing and prospecting leads?

To accomplish your agency’s business goals, you need to establish a sales and marketing platform. An effective system will drive your agency’s profits. But first, do you know that the difference between marketing and prospecting leads?

Prospecting leads involves a one-to-one interaction between agent and client that will hopefully result in a sale. You are the point of contact with a prospective buyer. In this one-on-one interaction you are discussing your products, educating the lead and expounding on your services.

On the other hand, marketing is reaching out to attempt to attract customers to your business. An effective marketing strategy will initially attract potential customers and will also allow them familiarize themselves with your agency.

As you can see, each method would dictate a different approach. Do you know the difference in marketing approaches? Can you effectively run both kinds of campaigns at the same time? Do you know yet which type of campaign works best for you?

You are the driving force of success behind the growth of your insurance business. Spend adequate time and effort in developing your marketing plan. Remember prospecting will be the ultimate factor in gaining new clients. Make sure to do your homework before you launch marketing campaigns.

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