Other creative ways to appeal to a broad market needing insurance

Let us say you buy insurance leads from a lead generation company and you like how they work. You like the higher rate of conversions and the fact the leads are pre-qualified. It is a nice way to do business – but – you feel like you are missing out on the in person one-on-one leads you source yourself. With a bit of creative thinking this is easy enough.

For instance, new homeowners are always in the market for insurance and often other insurance policies relating to their new purchase. New homeowners are easy to find as the information is public and easily accessible. A simple Google search for new homeowners in your area should deliver results. Additionally, you can request this type of information when you purchase leads from a lead generation company.

Furthermore, you should periodically revisit your company books and recheck all your existing customers, as they tend to be a good source of repeat business. Also, existing customers may bring in new customers in the form of their friends and family members.

While auditing your books look for old customers that can be targeted with other insurance policies. Identify milestone life events, in your files. These can include: the birth of a child or grandchild, milestone birthdays (like turning 65), new vehicles purchases, the anniversary of a policy or even a change of employment, etc.

All of this information is available at your fingertips. With careful research and due diligence you can obtain good results.

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