Insurance websites are crucial tools for lead generation

Getting walk-in traffic to an insurance agency is a difficult task, but it is even harder to get people to make an appointment in-person if your website is outdated and disorganized. You want a potential customer to walk in the door and be impressed with your online presence, social media skills, professional approach to doing business and your knowledge of insurance on your agency website.

If you do not ensure your website is up-to-date, clean and professional people are not going to consider asking you for a quote, never mind call to ask questions. A website is not a placeholder on the Internet, it is a reflection of your agency. Think to publish useful information for potential costumers shopping for insurance.

A website is not only about your business but also about you, the agent. If potential customers do not like what they see, they will not turn into customers. A striking online presence is key. Make sure to update your website often, and the leads will find you.

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