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It’s YOUR business — treat it like it’s a big one

Behave like you invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in your business to get it going. Don’t regard it as small or as a hobby and then just putter about putting in time to make it a success. Thinking big means you work big, and that is when the dollars and customers start coming in.

Even if you did not invest too much to get your agency going and are not using your marketing dollars wildly, approach your leads like they hold the keys to the kingdom of success — because they do. If you think big, work big, follow up all your leads in a big way, your success is virtually guaranteed. It is actually easy to grow your agency by thinking and imagining your huge success is now and not further down the line.

If you treat your business like it’s a lemonade stand that you just spent a few hours on each day, others will treat it that way as well. Why would people want to deal with a part-time agent who pokes about from time to time sending out messages? If customers want and need insurance, they want someone who is right there, right away, who thinks large and puts their needs in the forefront. An agent who knows his or her stuff inside out and who takes whatever time a potential customer needs to make a sale. It’s about good service and being yourself.

Being a big thinker about how to succeed at selling insurance puts you in a whole other frame of mind: the successful frame of mind, where good things start to happen on a regular basis. Simply put, you get more conversions by thinking big and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

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