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Quotes Help Sell Insurance but May Reduce Commissions: Get Smart

If you spend all day providing quotes but at the end of the week have nothing to show for it other than several messages indicating that people are not ready to buy yet, your commissions are suffering. Get smart.

Many new insurance agents feel that in order to get leads, they need to be on the phone virtually all day, every day. But that begs the question of how would anything concrete get done? Cold calling may still work today, but it a rare bird nonetheless and does consume a disproportionate amount of time. One of the most difficult jobs be successful in is selling insurance. It is tough to ask people if they want more insurance, because not many of them are going to reply in the affirmative.

Perhaps your sales manager insists you make a certain number of calls a day and keep track of them. By the end of the week it is going to become quite clear that being on the phone all day chasing leads is not lucrative.
At best, it the manager may provide their insider secret: Ask a potential lead if they would like a quote. Most potential customers do agree to receive a quote. After all, it does not commit them to anything. But it does not do much for the agent either, other than increase their level of frustration.

Consider some general mathematics before launching into making cold calls for a majority of your time in the office. Presume an agent’s time is worth at least $20.00 an hour. Over the course of the first few years in business, an agent selling health and life insurance may make up to $30,000 a year, which sounds good, but one needs to factor in at least a 25 percent deduction in the form of business expenses. Such expenses may include, but not be limited to: gas, eating out, office supplies, car maintenance, insurance on one’s vehicle, clothing, phone bills and office rental. Suddenly, that $30,000 may become more like $21,000.

What is the solution to the get leads or perish conundrum? The solution is just a click away, online. Buy internet leads, but remember to buy them from a reputable online lead generation company. Steer clear of lead generation companies that say they sell exculsive leads but in reality those leads are exclusive to at least seven other agents. More often than not these so-called exclusive leads are culled from generic sources such as telemarketing, television commercials, email marketing campaigns and banner ads online. Put another way, they are anything but exclusive.

Buying leads from a lead generation company is a smart investment of marketing dollars, but remember to choose a lead generation company carefully. Choose the leads that do pay off and are actually and genuinely exclusive and garnered in an ethical manner.

Which is more appealing? Working hundreds of unpaid hours to capture leads or buying leads that are virtually ready to convert, provided they are worked diligently? If one spends money on buying the best leads, then one’s career is can take off and become financially successful.

Getting smart and choosing a reputable online lead generation company is the ticket to success.

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