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Don’t know what to write about when it comes to insurance article marketing?

Okay, this is a valid concern, but one that may be easily overcome by doing the research. What is trending on social media about insurance? For instance, what are people saying about Medicare, group health insurance or final life expenses? Find out. Stay current. Don’t market an obscure product that holds very little appeal to people.

An example of insurance products that hold little appeal to people is final life expenses. This is a demographic that needs to be approached when the timing is right for the customer.

Typically you’d target this niche by age and health factors. An example would be a 67-year-old male with diabetes about to go to hospital for a possible amputation. This individual may be very interested in final expense insurance. In other words, if you’re buying targeted leads, target older individuals with health issues. You can filter for those kinds of leads by asking your lead generation company.

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