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Successful Insurance Agents Advertise Creatively to Improve Sales

Insurance agents are often experts at communication. Basic marketing plans tend to come easily, but agents hoping to excel will need to commit to more creative, personal endeavors.

Proper conventional marketing is a good place to start, but an effective marketing effort also requires creativity. Personality has become important to every agent’s work. An expert insurance agent has a sense of humor and goes out of his or her way to make certain clients get a policy that suits them. He or she also frequently considers what can be done to attract and retain customers.

Part of those plans depend on the purchase of good leads from a reputable lead generation company. A useful lead will always be sold on an exclusive basis, and the person attached to it will always have called or or filled out a contact form asking for information. 

Once they have converted, these kinds of customers thrive on a customer appreciation program.

Clients feel valued when they know their business is important to their agents. Quality insurance agents find a way to show their appreciation on a regular basis. Some even step back to direct mail to thank clients personally. Postcards or letters saying “thanks” are memorable. Appreciative contact helps agents to retain existing clients. Happy, consistent clients are much more likely to recommend their agent to others — bringing the agent yet more customers to keep.

An agent might also send regular newsletters to leads once they have communicated with each potential client on the mailing list about his or her health insurance needs. Interesting tidbits of information, personal stories about an agent’s own family and pictures all add interest to a widely distributed piece. People enjoy finding out things about people they know. It increases familiarity, which tends to increase sales.

Successful agents also market through their own websites. A business site can be a window to the world, and while working leads, it can be among an agent’s most valuable resources. Agents can send the leads they purchase to their website and give them a guided tour through the services available with updated information, easy navigation and fresh content to surprise and impress.
Never stop marketing leads with personality and skill. Determination and creativity make sales.

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