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Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads Are Worthwhile

If you’re wondering whether or not exclusive Medicare supplement leads are worth the money, they definitely are, because only you get them.

You know that your marketing dollars need to be properly spent to maximize the return on your investment. What is more difficult to decide is if you want to pursue nonexclusive Medicare supplement leads or go for the gold standard, the exclusive leads. If budget is a strong consideration, you might want to go with the nonexclusive purchase. Just be aware that the nonexclusive leads are shared with a lot of other agents.

If you’re sharing leads, you need to be up first thing in the morning and on the phone virtually every waking minute, or you lose out on a lot of those leads. Consider this as well: You are paying for shared leads, and every other person on the list who has the same leads as you do also paid for them. In other words, someone is making money on them, but it may not be you. Is it worth it, or are shared leads a waste of time and money?

Chances are, you’d like the opportunity to find that out for yourself, particularly if you are just starting out in the business. However, it might make sense to remember that if you want to grow your insurance business, a steady stream of quality, exclusive Medicare supplement leads is a good place to start. Additionally, those needing this type of insurance make up an exclusive niche of individuals who need and want what you are selling, which is a major bonus to your bottom line.

Aim for guaranteed exclusivity in your chosen territory and then get to work. The prescreened, real-time leads you can purchase from benepath.net are certain to pay off in a number of ways.

Exclusively yours, you get to work them as they come in, prioritize according to how quickly they want an appointment and wish to buy, and BF the ones that want callbacks later.

Even if there are multiple agents within the same general area you service, you may get leads from a certain designated area with the guarantee that no one else is working there and no one else has the same leads you do. There is no doubt that exclusive leads are worth more of your marketing dollars. You have to spend money to make money; this adage is as true as ever today.

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