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Old and new ways of generating health insurance leads

Out with the old, in with the new is the latest mantra for insurance agents wanting to expand their business base.

If you’re in the business of selling insurance to people, then you need to be connected to them consistently. That does not mean sitting on their doorstep or constantly calling them to set up appointments, but it does mean staying in touch on a personal and personable level to offer assistance. Yes, social media is a real boost in this area, and if you don’t use it, get busy and find out how to use it. Social media is a gold mine of opportunity for health insurance leads.

Once you get to know people on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ll be in a position to ask for referrals from people you have already helped to select health insurance that works for them. They are your word-of-mouth referrers and have the ability to help you grow your social networks exponentially.

The best thing about social media? It’s free. You do not have to invest your hard earned money to use it.
Be natural online. Be yourself. Be approachable, personable and demonstrate your knowledge. If you just be who you are, the real you, you can deal with just about anyone who asks you questions or wants your opinion on various health policies. If you approach things from the point-of-view of being efficient and effective, you can’t go wrong. Insurance can be a tough sell. That is nothing new. These days, it’s who you are and how you handle yourself online that will also generate more leads and customers.

Do you carefully listen to your prospective and existing clients? If not, get with the program. If you have sharp listening skills, your ability to comprehend what a client wants works in your favor, and helps you to capture their trust. Everyone wants to be heard. If you listen closely and hear what a client really wants, and ask right-on-point questions, your ability to make sales increases accordingly.

Some agents think they don’t need to hand out business cards any longer, because they do business on the Internet. Wrong. Not everyone has a computer, knows how to use one or even uses one if they do have one in the house. Most certainly they do not carry it with them to meetings or lunch engagements (iPhones aside).

Having something to physically hand to a potential customer makes the contact that much more pertinent and personal, and that is what connecting with people is all about, the personal touch. They have something they can reach for and use immediately if they are not by a computer, or do not want to take the time to search online for you and then jot down your phone number, or call it direct.

Always remember, it is the personal touch that appeals to more and more people these days. The fact is mobile devices have turned our society into secluded, aloof and difficult to talk to people who would rather text something than pick up a phone or go visit someone. The social disconnect inherent in that is scary. Dare to be different and make direct contact when you can.

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