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EXCLUSIVE Individual health Insurance leads for Agents in Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana

If you are an agent in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska. Utah or West Virginia and sell individual health insurance we need to chat!

Due to an extreme amount of EXCLUSIVE health insurance leads coming in in those states, we need to partner with to take these leads. Because of this situation we are offering our lowest ever pricing in those states for the first few agents who sign up.

If you have not seen this already here is the video on how we get our exclusive health insurance leads which actually shows from a lead’s eye view exactly how they come to us- it is about 5 to 7 minutes or so and literally goes through all the steps a lead goes through to sign up with us.

Benepath is in search of health insurance agents all over the country to partner with. We are always looking for agents who sell individual health, group health, medicare, and life insurance. We sell 100% exclusive leads for all those products.


Call or email me to learn more and get pricing!


Jessica Durso

Direct: 484-423-4239


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