Clever Ways To Keep Your Clients Engaged & Loyal

When was the last time you reached out to your clients? If you’re on top of it, good for you! If you’re sitting there scratching your head trying to remember, that’s not a good sign.

As a client it’s easy to feel lost in a sea of customers, so creative, personal efforts by their agent will never go unnoticed. Check out these tips on how to bring client services back to the forefront and retain (and possibly gain new) clients for years to come.

Send snail mailmail truck

It sounds backwards: why send snail mail when email is so easy, quick, and free. Yes it costs a little money but if you have a history with clients and they see something come in their mailbox from you, they’re going to look at it. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy seeing something other than a bill in their mailbox? Postcards are a quick, cheap, and an effective way to help you stand out. Do a little digging and you’ll find many websites offer free design, production, and even will mail your correspondence out for you.

Hold a seminar

A seminar is a great way to regroup with your clients, touch base with them, and let them know what products you can offer them. This gives them a forum to ask questions and learn new information. Not sure what kind of seminar to have? Keep it small and simple. Maybe your senior clients aren’t so sure how to log in to their portal. Or perhaps your clients want to get a feel for other plan options. Regardless of what the topic is, as long as your clients walk away more informed than when they arrived, it will be a successful and well-received seminar.

Throw a customer appreciation partypeople blowing confetti

Maybe the anniversary of opening your agency is coming up. Maybe it’s your birthday. No matter the reason, turn it into an appreciation party for your valuable clients. After all, without them you’d be nothing. This is the perfect opportunity for them to bring their families and put a face to a name all while having fun and creating positive memories associated with you and your business. It’s also great for your staff to come out from behind the scenes, let loose, and have some fun!

Send a birthday card

We all want to be valued, especially by a company that we give a lot of money to yearly. A birthday card is a quick, easy way to let your customer know that you took the time out to send them a message. The sentiment is what matters but what you do is completely up to you. Anything from a simple email message to a lavish gift basket and everything in between would be appreciated and remembered. It’s a great way to keep your clients loyal to you!

Sponsor a local sports team or school fundraiser

People love a local supporter because it promotes camaraderie and helps establish and grow a positive association and bond with your business. By sponsoring a local sports team or school fundraiser your clients will be reminded that their agent cares about their community, which is never a bad thing.

Hold a social media contest

As you are probably well aware, social media is a great tool to advertise your business and post pictures, but why not use it to hold a contest? If you can come up with a creative, valuable prize, it’s a great way to lure customers to engage and submit data that you could use to your advantage. The prize could be monetary, physical, or a service that you can provide. Anything large or small you think that another person would value would be a wonderful idea. Just make sure you look up the local rules that pertain to giveaways so everything is legal.

We’re all in the same boat. We’re struggling to find pockets of time throughout the day to get to that one last thing on our to-do list but there’s just not enough hours in the day. It’s easy to let client management fall by the wayside while you’re going about your day-to-day business, but whether they know it or not, clients want to hear from you and feel valued. Take some of these ideas and get those wheels turning. You can come up with something personal and creative that fits your business and ultimately retain your precious clients.

Weak Lead? Or Missed Opportunity?

Weak leads are inevitable. It’s not possible to convert every lead into a sale. But just because you feel like you’ve ended up with a cold lead, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your best to change the situation. Giving up after only one call could mean missed opportunities. What seemed like a weak lead at first might just be a customer who is not ready to act or commit. There are ways to help push these leads in the right direction without losing them. If you want to work a cold lead, then there are a couple of strategies you can use to turn the situation around.

Follow Up!

cell phone in someones hand with the email tab open
If you have an email address, then shoot your prospect an email.

How often have you heard things like, “I was just looking,” or “I’m not ready yet, I’m just shopping” from leads? You have probably even caught yourself saying those exact words to a salesperson at a store. If you find yourself hearing these phrases on a cold call, don’t push. Instead, try a different tactic and follow up with the lead in a different way. You can email, text, or message them online. You have their information because they were looking for quotes or help with insurance policies, so give them a way to communicate with you that they might feel more comfortable with. They might just need a little more attention – and creativity – than other leads.

The information that a lead has provided in your application allows you different opportunities to connect with them. You can:

1. Email Instead

If you have an email address, then shoot your prospect an email. Some people do not like talking on the phone, so an email is one way to get their attention and a response. You can also add them to your drip emails. This will give them some information about your business, let them know how they can reach you when they need help, and keep your name on their minds. It is a subtle yet effective way to get a lead on board.

If you were able to get enough information from them while on the phone, then send them an email with a quote so they can reply when they are ready. Whenever possible, always send a quote. Sending general information is okay, but is often not enough to get someone’s attention. Personalized quotes will make a difference.

2. Send Some Snail Mail

As outdated as people think this is, it still works! Everyone checks their mailboxes everyday, and it can be an especially effective way to communicate with older prospects. Personalize the letter as much as possible before sending it out.

two women sitting at a table talking

3. Visit The Lead

While digital meetings have become much more common these days, one way to reach out to your lead and stand out in their minds is by having an in-person meeting with them. If the information on the application is correct, and they live close by, then stop by their home. Bring a small gift to offer with your information and, if they are not home, then leave it all on their doorstep.

Don’t Be Overly Aggressive

Patience is a virtue. Many agents often give up too quickly, and write off a cold lead after the first call. You have to build relationships and establish trust with prospects. But it’s all about balance – if you are overly aggressive, then you risk scaring off your lead and losing their business completely. As outlined above, there are ways to reach the lead the right way without being aggressive. There are true cold leads out there, but most of the time you can find a way to get a quote to someone – it may just take a little extra effort on your part. And if you can get a quote to someone, you might just convert a cold lead into a good sale.

Finding good leads shouldn’t be hard, which is why Benepath offers exclusive real-time leads. We provide you all the information the lead gives us, so you don’t have to worry about jumping through hoops to reach them. You can receive leads by text, email, and we can sync to your CRM. Not only do we assign your lead exclusively to you, but we also give you the ability to create your own branded thank you page, so your lead knows your name, business, and biography as soon as they complete our form.


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