Carefully Implement Personal Development in Positive Thinking and See Improved Agent-to-Client Interactions

While various studies and research emphasize the benefits of positive thinking, insurance agents should not blindly jump on the positive thinking wagon. Agents should first carefully examine how their agencies are performing and only implement personal development training about positive thinking once they understand how such a strategy can be beneficial. After all, no matter how upbeat and assured you are about selling insurance, that mindset needs to be backed up with action, because such action converts clients.

Certainly insurance agents need personal development time to stay on top of the latest developments and changes in policies and approaches to agent to client interaction. However, agents should stay vigilant and remember that excessive personal development, especially, on the power of positive thinking can have a downside.

Those who spend too much time involved in personal development may find that little to no progress is made in the developing the agency. While personal development is a form of taking action in growing the agents, on its own personal development does not convert new customers. To see benefits from personal development in the positive thinking area, agents need to translate what they learned in theory into action.

Positive thinking may help agents face adverse situations and events, actions are what will make a tangible difference in the developments of an agency. For example, are you having trouble having meaningful follow up calls? If so, ask yourself if you are tracking each phone call or fact-to-face interaction. To make better follow up calls, make sure to take notes when speaking to leads.

Do you find yourself struggling to convert leads? Are your conversations with these leads short and you find yourself unable to sound convincing and genuine? If so, remember that the number one quality in an agent is good customer service. Agents who are able to tap into the needs and wants of their leads will find that those leads will be more likely to convert.

If you are treating your agency seriously and with the right attitude, you will soon see how much easier it is for you to get leads and sell them the best insurance available. Imagine the potential growth for your insurance business by following that mindset. That is the main focal point of running an agency. It is all in how your look at it, work it and develop it.

It’s the reward, folks, it’s the reward

You’ve heard about the power of positive thinking. Maybe you think that sounds like phooey. Here’s a challenge to every insurance agent that wants to succeed in his or her business: Use the power of positive thinking every day for a month. Focus on the reward of success. Focus on getting the goals you set achieved. Focus on how you are going to get where you want to go. Simply keep the positive mindset that you ARE going to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

At the end of the month, check your sales record. It might surprise you. And next? You go into month two and double what you did in month one. Yes, it IS possible if you focus on the reward, the brass ring, the light at the end of the tunnel, or whatever you want to call it.

Yes, there are still risks along the way to success, but if you focus solely on the risks, the power of the positive focus gets lost and so do you. What ifs are good for some things, but make sure the what ifs you use when selling are the positive what ifs — like what if the customer wants more than one policy? What if the customer wants a different policy as well as the one they asked about? You get what we mean. It’s the reward. Focus on it.


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