Staying Organized Is Important

It goes without saying that selling insurance requires organization. That said, selling insurance is not always conducive to being neat and orderly, and for certain, it is not always about being able to make and keep appointments the first time they are booked. Selling insurance comes with people hanging up the phone, refusing to make appointments to discuss insurance or canceling a meeting.

A day in the life of an insurance agent is hectic. A normal day may involve phone calls, walk-ins, meetings with staff, making calls to follow up leads, appointments inside the office and other tasks. With on-the-go days it is easy to miss things.

Staying as organized as possible is important for insurance agents. Your sales record depends on your organizational skills.

Successful insurance agents are focused agents

The first step to a successful agency is staying organized. Have your goals, objectives and an action plan prepared. However, do you have the focus and drive to meet your objectives?

There may be numerous obstacles to you accomplishing your goals. It may seem daunting calling new leads and convincing them to become loyal customers. Or, your problems may be more technical, like your computer may be malfunctioning.

With distractions and obstacles it may be though to stay focused. However, focus is your best friend and will boost your sales record incrementally as you work your way through what really needs to be done to convert customers and potential customers. Prioritizing everyday tasks will make staying focused easier.

The goal of your insurance agency is to gain loyal customers. Therefore, your priority is to focus on calling leads and following up with them. Other tasks can be moved lower on your list of priorities.

Focus on the outcome — more sales leads to more customers which equals more brand recognition. That is worth working hard for.

Making and keeping track of your goals and objectives

Do you find it hard to stay organized? Have you forgotten to do something during your work day? Have you missed deadlines? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep on reading.

The best way to stay organized and focused on your goals is to make action plans and lists. These lists can be on paper or mental lists. However, not everyone will be successful at keeping track of mental lists. For some agents, the lists can get lost in the mind’s clutter. Making mental lists, checking them off when goals are accomplished is not for everyone.

An alternative to mental list making are written lists. Many ways exist to approach this. Formulating action plans and list is as simple as writing them down. Also, different already made lists and planers are available for purchase. Regardless of the method you chose make sure keep your list in front of you.

For example, when you are on the phone with a lead? Have your list in front of you. Doing a follow-up to set an appointment? Have your list in front of you. Make sure that list goes everywhere with you. This is called manifestation. By always keeping your list at the top of your mind’s awareness, you are more likely to achieve your goals and objectives.

Remember, those who are organized and have an action plan will often find that they are successful.


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