Let Your Confidence Shine Through

Although this may sound like a counterintuitive idea, many new health insurance agents just starting out are often a bit uncertain about their products. It’s a lot to learn, a lot to remember and they do not yet have the hands-on “in the trenches” experience of an agent who has been selling for years. They may not be able to read, “buy” signals with any degree of precision. That’s a skill that develops over the years.

To bolster your confidence, always remember that potential clients, whether they want Medicare plans, group health insurance or a final expense policy, are looking to you to provide a solution to their problem. Have a solution? Have confidence? Have a sale. Sometimes it’s just that simple. If you have the inner confidence in your sales skills, knowledge and products, you can’t help but be a winner. If the potential client can see you know what you are doing and know what you’re talking about, chances are they’ll buy a plan through you.

Do Not Forget to Follow Up

This tip doesn’t always go over well with busy health insurance agents who don’t always have time to double back and re-connect with leads that did not want to buy. However, it is vital that you do not forget to follow up for the very simple reason that a “No,” does not always mean “never.” It may also mean “not right now,” and you won’t know that unless you make an effort to follow up with your leads.

This doesn’t mean bugging them continuously. It means sending some good information on Medicare or Medigap plans, or group health insurance, asking them questions about what they would like to see in an insurance policy and genuinely listening when you get an answer and take the time to find them a policy that may suit their needs.

There are also situations where a business owner or other potential buyer contacts you and asks for information. While it’s good that they contacted you, it may also mean they do not have the time to reconnect later. Don’t lose a good lead by not checking back in with them to answer questions or offer alternatives.

The longer you leave your follow up calls the easier it is for another insurance agent to step in and snag a sale. The competition is tough out there. Make the most of every single contact/lead that you have. It pays off at the end of the day.


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