5 Things to Think About After the AEP

Congratulations, you’ve survived the AEP like a boss! Now that you can take a breather, do so, but don’t hit pause for too long! Post-AEP is an important time to make sure that you’re on the right track for next year.

During this time, you should begin organizing all of your new enrollments from the AEP, just to make sure that all of the paperwork and information are correct. Doing this will also give you a better understanding of your clients and their needs, so you can better help them throughout the year. But even after you’ve done all this, your post-AEP work isn’t done! There are a few more things you still need to think about as we head into the new year.

1. Track the New Business You Acquired During the AEPhands shaking with digital connections around them

After taking the time to organize all of your new and existing clients, the next step is to track the business that you picked up during the AEP. This might be easier than you think: carriers will allow you to track your business online. But this is also why it’s important to invest in a CRM, which will allow you to double-check all of the information on a carrier’s site, and make sure that there are no missing enrollments or information.

2. Keep Track of Your Commissions

January can be a busy time for your commission payouts. So once you’ve completed all of your AEP sales, use a tracker to compare paid policies and make sure that you are not missing any commissions. And if you are, make sure to contact the necessary carriers so that you can get your commission, as well as find out why it was overlooked and how you can fix the problem going forward.

3. Set Goals for the New Year

Now that you are done signing on new clients, you have to take the time to set goals for the new year, including planning for slow seasons like the time right after the AEP. Think about your plan of attack for slower times of the year, including taking time to work renewals and touch base with current clients to make sure they are happy, and do not need to make any changes to their plans.

4. Consider Technology That Will Make Things Easierthe word CRM with gears around

Look over your current CRM and make sure that it’s meeting your needs. You might even want to consider taking on some new technology to help you better prepare and plan throughout the year, such as Calendly for online scheduling, and a receipt app that will help track tax-deductible expenses.

5. Learn About New Products

When the AEP was underway, you were most likely focused on making as many sales and getting as many new clients as possible. During this time you might have overlooked any new products or changes that were introduced, and that you should learn about. Now that the AEP is over, it’s the perfect time to learn about new products in order to expand your portfolio.

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4 Tips for Surviving the AEP Like A Boss

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is a very critical time for any insurance agent looking to earn commission and help grow their business. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to resell to current clients and bring in many new clients. But first, you will have to create a perfect checklist to follow to ensure that you are maximizing your potential and making the most sales possible. Check out the following 4 steps for surviving the AEP like a boss:

1. Get Organizedperson writing on a piece of paper

Being organized is crucial to a successful AEP. Go over your existing contact list and make sure it’s up-to-date. You can stay on top of all of your appointments, any changes to your client’s plans, and any renewals that you need to be aware of by investing in a CRM. This software can help you stay organized and save files and appointments.

2. Get Certified

Make sure that you are completely up-to-date on your compliance training, and that you meet the criteria for each carrier you work with. Working with more carriers is important, since the more carriers you work with, the more options you can offer your clients.

3. Focus on One Thing at a Time

This time of year can feel overwhelming because there are a lot of clients to deal with and help in less than two months. The best way to feel under control is to focus on the current day and the current client, and not allow future commitment to stress you out during appointments. Make a list of – and complete – all of your tasks for the day, because falling behind can leave you scrambling to catch up, and will only end up stressing you out.

4. Focus on Client Retention

Even if there are no changes to some of your client’s current plans, you should still contact all of them and make sure they are happy with their current plans. It might sound time-consuming, but you can draft one letter and send it out to all of your clients to let them know that you will review their plans, and that you will be in touch during the AEP to discuss any changes that may affect their current coverage.

Did You Know…a jaor of coins next to 3 piles of coins that are increasing

Selling a Medicare Supplement Plan will earn you 7 years of commission. You read that right, when you make a Medicare Supplement sale, you will have a built-in commission for 7 years, since clients are commonly re-written year after year. That means selling Medicare Supplement Plans will provide you with residual income for years to come.

Need Help?

Need more help during the AEP? Talk to Benepath! Not only can Benepath save you time and money, but we can also help you nurture your leads and improve your customer service skills. When you work with Benepath, receiving reliable, exclusive leads is the easy part. We provide you with real-time leads through a secured process and give you a customized thank-you page so your leads will be ready for your call. This thank-you page assures leads that they won’t be bounced around between agents and gives them a feeling of connection with you right from the start. And while it is up to you to nurture your leads, we will be behind you every step of the way. You’ll find, though, that our leads do not need much nurturing because they will be ready to speak with you and buy your products!

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5 Tips for Agents to Prepare for the Medicare AEP

Investing your time and energy into selling Medicare products is worth it for new agents or agents looking to expand their product portfolios. But it is exactly that: an investment. And now that the Medicare AEP is approaching, you’ll be heading into one of the most stressful times of the year, because these 8 weeks will be spent nonstop both servicing your current clients and helping new ones. But as overwhelming as this time can feel, it’s a huge opportunity for Medicare agents to make more commissions. So, as we approach the AEP, follow these tips to help you organize and prepare, so you can provide the best service possible and lighten your load.

1. Personalize Your Approachperson in a suit with hands around a person

There’s nothing wrong with having a big client list – after all, that’s most agents’ goal! But don’t let your desire to acquire new customers and grow your book get in the way of offering personalized service. As the AEP approaches, make a conscious effort to remind your existing customers that you are personally available to each of them. Whether you have 50 clients or 500, there are ways of personalizing your approach more, like:

  • Using your customer’s name in all correspondences
  • Knowing their history
  • Sending them personalized messages
  • Rewarding loyal customers
  • Personalizing your website
  • Humanizing your brand by connecting and sympathizing with customers and their needs.

2. Hire Help

If you’re finding it too overwhelming to keep up with your large client base during the AEP, don’t be afraid to seek out some help. You can hire seasonal help for just the AEP, who can do some of the grunt work by making comparisons, calling clients, gathering information needed to run a comparison, and more.

3. Use a CRM

A CRM is a great way to easily keep information about your clients at your fingertips. CRMs can be very handy because, for example, you can easily run a report to single out clients whose plans are going to change this fall. You can then speak to them about the changes and begin searching for different options for them.

4. Create an Online Scheduling Systemlaptop with a schedule on it

Try giving your clients the chance to schedule their appointment with you online. This way they’ll be able to find the best available time for them, and won’t have to be bombarded by calls from you suggesting dates (so you’ll save time, as well). You can integrate an online scheduling system with your calendar to make sure that you’re available at the list of times. For this, consider using scheduling apps like Calendly and Acuity.

5. Use Pre-Made Marketing Materials

If you’d like to ramp up your marketing as the AEP approaches, but aren’t sure where to start, or if you don’t have a lot of extra money, try heading online and checking out some pre-made marketing materials, as well as guidance on how to incorporate this type of marketing into your strategy. There are marketing kits and templates available that you can use to save time and money while getting your name out there.

Looking For Leads?

The Medicare AEP is a busy time for a lot of agents who sell Medicare products, but if you’re still looking to build your client list, come to Benepath! Working with Benepath means you’ll be able to free up more of your time and increase your sales. We offer you real-time exclusive leads who are warmed up and ready to purchase an insurance plan. You just have to provide us with the days and times that you’re available so that we can send you live transfer calls during your specific hours.

In short, we do all the work for you, finding you pre-qualified leads and simply passing them off to you to make the sale. Benepath will provide you with better tools, more guidance, unsurpassed sales training, and techniques from the most successful agents and trainers in the industry, not to mention the best leads available! To get more information, fill out the form below or call 866-368-0377.


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