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4 Tips for Surviving the AEP Like A Boss

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is a very critical time for any insurance agent looking to earn commission and help grow their business. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to resell to current clients and bring in many new clients. But first, you will have to create a perfect checklist to follow to ensure that you are maximizing your potential and making the most sales possible. Check out the following 4 steps for surviving the AEP like a boss:

1. Get Organized person writing on a piece of paper

Being organized is crucial to a successful AEP. Go over your existing contact list and make sure it’s up-to-date. You can stay on top of all of your appointments, any changes to your client’s plans, and any renewals that you need to be aware of by investing in a CRM. This software can help you stay organized and save files and appointments.

2. Get Certified

Make sure that you are completely up-to-date on your compliance training, and that you meet the criteria for each carrier you work with. Working with more carriers is important, since the more carriers you work with, the more options you can offer your clients.

3. Focus on One Thing at a Time

This time of year can feel overwhelming because there are a lot of clients to deal with and help in less than two months. The best way to feel under control is to focus on the current day and the current client, and not allow future commitment to stress you out during appointments. Make a list of  – and complete – all of your tasks for the day, because falling behind can leave you scrambling to catch up, and will only end up stressing you out.

4. Focus on Client Retention

Even if there are no changes to some of your client’s current plans, you should still contact all of them and make sure they are happy with their current plans. It might sound time-consuming, but you can draft one letter and send it out to all of your clients to let them know that you will review their plans, and that you will be in touch during the AEP to discuss any changes that may affect their current coverage. 

Did You Know… a jaor of coins next to 3 piles of coins that are increasing

Selling a Medicare Supplement Plan will earn you 7 years of commission. You read that right, when you make a Medicare Supplement sale, you will have a built-in commission for 7 years, since clients are commonly re-written year after year. That means selling Medicare Supplement Plans will provide you with residual income for years to come. 

Need Help?

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