How To Effectively Use Video Marketing

Did you know that YouTube is the second most-used search engine in the world? This makes sense: if you’re looking for a quick answer to a question, what better way to get it than by watching an engaging video on the subject? In fact, in a recent survey, nearly 60% of executives  said that they prefer watching a video to reading a text. If that’s not enough of a reason to start using video marketing, then consider these stats: only 20% of website visitors read an entire page, but 80% watch videos from start to finish. In addition, your chances of ranking on Google goes up 50 times when a video is incorporated into your website. Now that you know why video marketing is so important, let’s look at how you can use this tool effectively.

red pie chart with 80% and 20% on each piece
Only 20% of website visitors read an entire page, but 80% watch videos from start to finish.

How To Create An Eye-Catching Video

There are many different kinds of videos that you can create, such as “Why work with our agency” videos, customer testimonial videos, videos that answer FAQs, videos that explain types of coverage, or even fun birthday and holiday videos. Before uploading a video, make sure that it is eye-catching, that it will keep the audience engaged, and that it will market your company well. Some tips to consider include:

  • Don’t make your videos too long. Videos under 2 minutes are the most effective, and  most people prefer to watch a video that’s only 30 to 90 seconds long. So if you’re creating, for example, a holiday video, keep it short and sweet by choosing an animated format. On the other hand, if you want to make an explainer video with lots of detail, try breaking the information up into smaller segments. It’ll be much easier for your audience to digest the information if they are only given a little bit at a time.
  • Consistency is key. When you are building your company’s brand, you have to be consistent in creating relevant content that helps and entertains your audience. Don’t stray away from your message and start creating irrelevant content, or your audience will get confused as to what you’re selling and what your brand is all about.
  • Be yourself. If you want to engage your audience, get to the point and don’t try to force humor or emotion into your content. Content that feels forced will just make viewers want to skip over your video to find the answer they’re looking for. Simply be yourself and state what you or your insurance agency has to offer. Try recording a non-scripted video so you seem more authentic.
  • Make your video look as professional as possible. You don’t need to have a high-tech camera, you can simply use your iPhone, but make use of editing apps to make your video look as professional as possible. And always film in landscape mode! act now on a yellow diamond sign
  • Add a call to action- Make sure that you give your audience a way to contact you or your agency. You can add a link to your website or phone number where they can reach you.

How to Market Your Videos

Once you feel comfortable with creating videos, it’s time to focus on how to get your videos seen. Try marketing your videos through: 

  • SEO linking – When uploading your videos on YouTube, add tags, an appealing thumbnail, and a compelling title and description. Make sure your agency’s name is in the title whenever possible.
  • Email – Include your videos in your email newsletter: when videos are included in emails, click-through rates increase by 200-300% and opt-out rates decline by 75%.
  • Scheduling sites– Use a social media scheduling site to make sure you post videos on a regular basis.
  • Social media– Run a video campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, so that   viewers are more likely to share and spread the word about your business and what you have to offer. Keep your video at the top of your Twitter feed so that it doesn’t get lost  among your new tweets.

    people with laptops and connecting, forming of a network
    Participate in online communities with the same interests as your business.
  • YouTube– Post your video on YouTube  to get it out there, to allow people to share it with others, and to allow them to comment and ask questions.
  • Groups with common interests – Target online communities with the same interests as your business. Participate in conversations or discussions while sharing your video on social media sites such as Facebook or Reddit.

Posting videos is a great way to market yourself and your business. By promoting yourself online you’ll be visible to a wider audience of possible customers. Effective video marketing opens up your business to endless possibilities, and will allow you to stay one step ahead of the game – and your competitors.

The Surprising Yet Effective Marketing Strategy You Never Knew You Needed

If you feel like you’re struggling to bring in new clients, you may need a new marketing strategy. One of the most effective marketing strategies out there might actually surprise you: teaching classes on insurance. Conducting seminars and workshops in your area of expertise will get your name out there, and will help you earn a good reputation and gain the trust of potential clients. This will eventually lead to more invitations to speak – and more opportunities to sell. 

a caucasian man writing on a notepad while in front of a laptop

Start with a Plan

If you decide that you want to try your hand at teaching seminars or workshops on insurance, you have to be ready to do a lot of prep work. You need to come up with a plan. Start by considering the basics: 

    • Where will you conduct your classes? You can offer your own seminar at a community center, for example. Or you can offer to present to college or continuing education classes. Take into consideration how many people you want to attend your classes. 
    • How will you conduct your classes? Take the time to fully prepare. Have a clear idea of what subject(s) you will teach and create a lesson plan. Focus on the types of insurance that will be of most interest to your attendees, and include all the industry terms and keywords – as well as “insider tips” for savings, which will help you create demand for your services!  


  • How will you make people want to attend? Offering workshops is no good if no one shows up! Consider offering promotions to bring people in the door.  


Offer A Free Class

full class at a university
Once you offer a free educational class, people will want to keep coming back for more.

If you don’t want to create a series of paid workshops, then consider offering a free class explaining the ins and outs of insurance. Anything free is always a hit, and you may find yourself bringing in some potential new clients. You can offer an evening of free health insurance advice, or a session on becoming a sales agent. Once you offer a free educational class, people will want to keep coming back for more, and will ask you to help them get insurance at the best value, or refer you to others. Either way, it is a good way to get your name out there. 

No Such Thing As Too Much

Do not be afraid that you’re giving away too much about the insurance industry in your classes. You may feel like once you’ve answered all of your attendees’ questions about insurance, they will no longer need your services. But that’s the wrong way to look at it. The more you teach them about insurance, and the more they understand how intricate it is, the more they will value the advice of an expert – you! By displaying your knowledge, you will gain the trust of those you are teaching; they will look up to you and want to work with you. Just like that you will get more clients who need advice and help getting a valuable health, group or commercial insurance plan.

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When presenting these seminars or workshops, you will also be able to network with people in other lines of work. Remember, the people attending your classes may be professionals, and you may be able to form mutually beneficial business relationships with them. They can refer you to others in their field, and you can return the favor by referring your clients to them. This is just another way that you will be building relationships and getting your name out there with one of the most effective marketing strategies around.

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