Setting Up a Business Facebook Page

When it comes to getting your name out there, nothing beats having a strong presence on social media. This will help your agency connect with customers and build your brand at the same time. Since social media is the new way to determine what to buy, and who to buy it from, it’s important to establish and develop your presence on platforms like Facebook. But where should you start?

Why Facebook?facebook logo

While there are other, newer social media platforms, Facebook is still a widely used platform, one that arguably gives you access to the widest group of people. Young adults and older adults alike still scroll through Facebook, unlike other platforms that older adults might avoid, like Instagram.

Setting Up A Facebook Page

It might be intimidating to think about setting up a business account on social media, but we assure you, it’s easy. First, you’ll have to sign up for your Facebook page. To do this, go to the “Create” area of Facebook, and do the following :

  • Choose a page name
  • Choose a category for your business
  • Describe your business
  • Fill out the “About” area for your business
  • Enter your business contact information
  • Include a business and cover photo

Branding Your Facebook Page

Next, you will need to consider how you would like to brand your business. You’ll already have included your name when setting up your page, but now you can add your logo, upcoming events (like webinars), photos of your business, and most importantly, content! Adding content will help to boost your brand perception – but what kind of content should you include on your page? Well, first imagine being in your customers’ shoes, looking for insurance, and think about what kind of questions you might be researching. Your content should help answer these questions, but remember not to limit yourself to insurance content. Add some fun and interesting facts, posts that relate to awareness days/months, and a little about yourself, too!

notification bell and bubble next to a phone
There will be notifications that pop up to alert you when people are communication with you or sharing your page.

Monitoring Your Facebook Page

Last but not least, you will need to monitor your page, and check for messages and comments. The bell on the top right-hand side will show you when you have notifications, and clicking on that will tell you if people have shared your page and content, or if someone has tagged you in a post. It’s important to monitor your page so that you can reply to people who are interacting with you, and respond to questions or reviews.

Looking For Leads?

One of the reasons you make the effort to create a Facebook page is to attract leads and grow your business. It can take a while to get to where you want to be, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for new leads and to grow your business, Benepath can help!

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5 Ways To Make Your Brand More Appealing To Customers

As the former CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, once said, “Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Your business and the services you provide leave an impression on your customers long after you make an insurance sale. You need to stay one step ahead of your many competitors by leaving the right impression. How do you do this? By standing out from the crowd, making your brand more appealing and memorable, and getting customers talking about you. Here are some tips that will help you make your brand more unique and appealing.

1. Have A Good Sense Of Humorcaucasian man with a suit on laughing

One way to stand out is by using humor to promote your brand. If possible, tell a funny story or make some jokes about your brand in your newsletters or in your social media posts. Making people laugh will do two things: it will encourage people to share your posts and help them to remember your business.

2. Use Colloquial Language

Sure, you are familiar with insurance jargon because it’s your niche, but this is not true for your customers. Using insurance jargon is a conversion rate killer – customers want you to explain things to them in terms they can understand. If customers can’t grasp what you’re saying, they’re likely to tune out, not ask you what anything means, and possibly move on to the next agent. Remember, people don’t want to buy what they can’t understand! Skip the jargon and talk to your customers like you are talking to a friend, not a client.

3. Humanize Your Brandgroup of hands holding each other's wrists forming a circle of hands

Would you like talking to a robot? One that does not show any emotion or give you any sense of human connection? Probably not. The same goes for leads and customers. Sure, having an automated chatbot is convenient, but people crave human connection. Show people who you are by writing a bio about yourself on your site, and use your social media presence to show your personality and share some behind-the-scenes updates on your business. You can share stories on your site or social media accounts, use live chat support to speak with customers, and take it personally, literally. People want to know about the person behind the scenes, rather than just the business and what it can provide for them.

4. Offer Rewards to Loyal Customers

Who doesn’t like free stuff and discounts? Consider starting a loyalty program to show your customers you value them, and incentivize them for every friend they refer. By doing so, you will not only keep their business, but you’ll also encourage them to promote your business to their friends so they can join in on the rewards. Give your customers as many reasons as possible to continue working with your company!

silver trophy with a gold band around the cup
Customers want to buy from people who are successful.

5. Display Awards

Customers want to buy from brands that they trust. One way to show that they can trust you is by showing any awards, certifications, or recognitions you have been given along the way. You can also share testimonials and reviews from customers, because most customers read reviews of a product or business before purchasing. In fact, testimonials can boost conversions on sales pages by 34%!

Finding the right way to brand your business is important, take the time to incorporate these tips to help grow your business. The more appealing the brand, the more people will remember you, and the more they will talk about you, which leads to repeat customers and referrals. Think about your values, your mission, and the audience you want to target, and think about what they want and how you can make them comfortable. The more comfortable they feel with you and your brand the more they will trust and use you!


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