Are You an Expert Insurance Agent/Broker?

Being an expert in selling insurance, understanding all the policies, what they offer and do not offer, how they can help buyers and how to deal with claims against those various policies is one thing. The other must have to sell insurance is the ability to understand your audience, know their needs and wants, and knowing what would work best for them when it comes to health insurance.

Health insurance is very individualized and no one policy fits all. The savvy insurance agent that knows that does well in sales as they work hard to match a policy to the needs of an existing or potential client. That’s what selling insurance is really all about – helping people take care of their health in the best way possible with a policy that suits their needs and budget.

That means being an expert in all aspects of every policy you handle. What that means is you have an intrinsic understanding of what policies fit each one of your customers and you do not try to “make” a policy fit someone. It’s one of the best ways to be a leader in selling insurance – put the customer and their needs first.

Targeting Email Marketing Campaigns to Audiences

Email marketing campaigns, just like all marketing, need to be targeting various segments of your insurance agencies’ audience. Any and all information you put out there needs to be useful to the clientele you want to focus on.

Targeting email marketing campaigns by population segment is important. You cannot send out a general, blanket email because some or all of the information will not interest all of your clients and potential leads. Emails that are too general will fall flat on those who are not interested in what you are selling. Therefore, both the content of the email and, most importantly, the subject line need to be composed in such a way as to entice the segment of your audience that you are targeting.

So, if your target audience includes seniors and the elderly, subject lines like, “New Medicare Deadlines Coming into Effect Soon” or “Medigap is now Offering More Choices than Ever” are going to be a good fit. These subject lines tackle topics that impact the older segment of the population. Titles like these clearly indicate the point of the email. In other words, those are relevant subject lines and those targeted are likely to open the email.


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