Keep a pipeline of leads flowing at all times

Some agents only work the leads they are provided on a certain day of the week – period. They feel overwhelmed when their inbox fills up daily, so they put fresh leads on hold. That method works for some timetables, but more often, it allows valuable prospects to go stale.

If you are not getting enough sales to build your business or pay your bills, reconsider building a daily pipeline of leads. Fresh leads are the best source of conversions. Learning to work some leads each day pays off in the long run.

The more viable, fresh, pre-screened, pre-vetted and pre-qualified leads you have, the better your chances to convert them and make money. You can manage by working your leads in a weekly rush, but if you’re willing to make the change, you’ll be amazed at your own improvement.

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Partnering with a lead provider is crucial

Most agents feel satisfied with any lead provider who sells them leads and then lets them get on with working them. Unfortunately, not all lead providers offer leads an agent can use, which is a complete waste of time and money.

If you want to build your business, source the best lead provider you can find. If you go with a reseller, you will pay good money for leads that have already been worked by more than a few agents. Who made money on that deal? It certainly wasn’t you.

Why spend money and time on leads that will not add to your bottom line? If you want to build your insurance business, choose a lead provider who partners with you for mutual benefit.

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Timing Matters for Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

Maybe you’ve never given much thought to the management of your exclusive life insurance leads. Perhaps you assume that, because a lead has been sent only to you, your timing on it will not matter. You will reach it when you reach it.

You could handle your leads that way, but your business is likely to suffer.

As you know, exclusive leads come only to you. The people they represent are ready for your call, sometimes even on the day you receive them. Real-time leads are valuable, and if you do not take the time to work them when they first arrive, you could lose sales.

Exclusive life insurance leads both grow and maintain your business. There is absolutely no better way to get fresh, up-to-the-minute prospects in your inbox as often as you want them. A relationship with a well-known lead generation company saves you the time and frustration of the independent lead search. Yes, selling insurance is tough, but it can be easier. Approach your challenges well-equipped with exclusive life insurance leads.

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Solid Life Insurance Leads

Whether you are just starting out as an insurance agent or have been selling for years, it is good to make sure you know where to go for dependable leads. In the worst scenarios, up to seven other agents fight to get a sale on a single lead. This process is a waste of almost everyone’s time. With shared leads, you often spend much of your time on the phone listening to irate potential customers who are fed up with calls from the various agents. Wait for these leads to age. If no sale is made in the first round, you may be able to distinguish yourself later.

Want to stand out from the pack in the meantime? Purchase exclusive life insurance leads, know your products, use a terrific script (and keep improving it), offer all the top products people want, send personal notes with useful information and send or make, where appropriate, follow-up emails and calls.

It is difficult to sell life insurance. You know that. But when you invest in pre-qualified and pre-screened leads, your task becomes easier. If you work your leads in the right way, your business bank account will shine every year.

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How Life Insurance Leads Are Generated and How to Work Them for Optimum Results

Whether you generate your own life insurance leads are, buy them from a lead company or a little of both Jeff Root’s interview of Clelland Green will provide you with useful insights like:

  • How Life Insurance Leads are Generated
  • Things to look out for if you are doing your own search campaigns
  • Some excellent tips on how to get the most of your leads

Life Insurance Leads May Be Easier to Find Than You Think

The struggling economy may make you skeptical of any reports of new, successful life insurance leads. But remember, upheaval and imbalance may actually help some people realize that now is the time to purchase coverage. A depressed real estate market provides a good opportunity for alert consumers to buy homes and sell them for a profit later; your leads can’t sell their life insurance policies once the market improves, but they can certainly find a better deal in the current climate. Not that anyone can sell their life insurance policy. The market is primed for agents to target savvy buyers who recognize the value of timing and wish to protect their families if something should happens to them.

Still leery about buying leads despite the economy, or unsure whether you should choose shared or exclusive leads? Largely, your choices should depends on your goals and how quickly you want to meet them. Shared leads can require a seemingly endless wait before paying off in any substantive way. Exclusive leads can react much more quickly because they are only sent to one agent. Try both types of lead and experiment to determine what works best for your agency.

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Looking for exclusive life insurance leads? You’ve come to the right place. has some terrific news for agents looking to make the most of their insurance business. We offer you exclusive life insurance leads, meaning exclusive to YOU only, and we guarantee that. We do not offer them to anyone else once you have purchased them, and that means you have an immediate ‘in’ with the leads that you call.

They likely have not talked to another agent and you would be the first call, because you are receiving the leads in real time. If you get right on them and build a lasting rapport with your prospective customer, your business will grow exponentially to where you want it to be.

The nice thing about and our exclusive life insurance leads is that if you work them promptly, your sales record is going to start looking very good, and so will your agency’s bottom line. Why try the rest (lead generation companies), when you have the best (with

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The Secretariat of Insurance Leads

There are 2 reasons why they post odds at the Racetrack:

  1. To assess the likelihood of each horse winning the race
  2. To determine what your potential winnings could be

Amateur bettors might get lucky by picking a longshot because of its creative name (ex. MyROIguy) or the jockey’s pretty colors or maybe the horse “winked” at them in the paddock. And every now and then, those amateurs get lucky and win the race for those very reasons.

For those who would like to make a more educated wager, there are racing programs. This is where you can read more about a horse’s past racing history,  the trainers or jockey standings.

Watch Secretariat’s Historic Belmont Stakes Race Here.
But enough about horse racing, how exactly does this relate to selling insurance?

If you’re an agent, you would like to know the likelihood that you will be able to close your leads.

Amateur agents might get lucky with a cheap, shared lead every now and then, but is hoping to hit on a longshot the right approach for sustained success.

More experienced agents don’t buy leads because they’re cheap, they’re more focused on their ROI .

If there was a Racing Program for Buying Leads, it might look something like this:

Benepath Leads Competition
# of Times Sold Only 1 Agent 4 to 10 Times
Lead Generation Google, Bing Affiliates
Incentivized Traffic No Yes
Agent Branding Yes No
Show Clients Quotes Yes No
Benepath Exclusive Leads 4 to 1
Affiliates 10 to 1
Shared Leads 25 to 1
Incentivized 100 to 1

Go with the smart money— Exclusive, search generated leads give you the best odds for long term success.

Life insurance leads are useful tools in your marketing arsenal

Selling insurance is not just knowing about your product, carrying the top policies, dealing with the best carriers for your clients or even just giving good customer service. It is about wise choices when it comes to marketing yourself and your agency. It’s about what tools you choose to use when you want to purchase life insurance leads.

There are lots of online lead generation companies – some good, some not so good. You need to select one that resonates with you and offers you not only what you need, but stands behind their product. Life insurance leads need to be fresh, hot-off-the-press and ready-to-buy, not shared leads that may mean the prospective client hangs up on you because they have already heard from what seems like every insurance agent in America.

Pick a reputable lead generation company for your life insurance leads and make sure you ask all the right questions about how they may be of service to you in building your business.

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Effective senior marketing involves Medicare supplement leads

Without viable, ready-to-roll Medicare supplement leads, it is difficult to build your agency.

While you may sell many products, as many good insurance agents do, it is wise to also include Medicare, as the existing market and the next wave of seniors needing Medicare hold the key to growing your business. Where will you find hot leads?

You can attempt to find them on your own, but do you have the time to track them down, verify them, qualify them, spend time talking to them to determine what they need and then move to close the sale? You’d be chasing leads just about all day, every day if you did it the old-fashioned way. Why not just opt to get quality, pre-screened Medicare supplement leads and cut your time down by half, allowing you to call double the number of potential clients and sell even more?

You want quality leads, not leads that have been worked over. How do you know where to get good leads that pay off and determine if the company you are going to buy those leads from is reputable and reliable?

Here are several tips that will help you to determine if the lead generation company knows what it is doing: They check the leads they are working with against the national Do Not Call list; they offer excellent leads for a fair price; they have leads that pay off fast; and they allow you to choose the territory you want, qualify the leads and even determine how many you want each day, week or month. In other words, you choose what you want and control the outcome. If you go with a company that only offers what you need, you end up talking to qualified Medicare supplement buyers.

A word about exclusivity: Choose a lead generation company that offers you exclusive leads. Yes, they do cost more than the shared leads. However, they pay off quickly because they are qualified to buy, want the information and in most instances, are ready to buy. And as a bonus, they only come to your inbox, no one else gets them and you don’t have to share them, unless you want to offer another colleague in your office the chance to try them.

If you want to increase your productivity and your bottom line, choose to buy exclusive Medicare supplement leads. And while you are at it, given careful consideration to what other specialized products you could offer to the senior market. There are a number of other leads you could capitalize on by catering to the “gray wave” of tomorrow.

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