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Aged Leads a Great Fit for Agents

Whether newly licensed or with years of experience, insurance agents from all walks of life see the value in utilizing Aged Leads. The reason is simple–there is strength in numbers.

The more baseball cards a child purchases, the greater the chance they will get their favorite player. The more a stand up comedian practices their set, the better they will deliver when its time to go on stage.

With aged leads, the same philosophy holds true. The more an agent gets, the likelihood of making a sale increases. It’s a low risk proposition with a great chance of seeing a positive return on investment.

Buy a large quantity of Aged Leads for a low price, manage them with a CRM or a Dialer, and sales will be in the future.

Your Information and Lead Order

List the states for your aged leads
How many aged leads
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Lookup State Lead Counts

What type of leads would you like?

Medicare Leads
Life Insurance
Health Leads

Aged Lead Cost
100-249 Leads – $2.00
250-499 Leads – $1.50
500-999 Leads – $1.00
1,000+ Leads – $0.75

Aged Leads Order Information

Order Now and Get 50 Free Leads*

  • The minimum order is the lesser of 100 leads or the total leads available in the state(s) of your choice.
  • Leads will be delivered in no more than one business day from the date of purchase.
  • Please note that the free leads are subject to availability. If you order from a state where there aren’t at least 150 leads, the free leads will be the total number of leads greater than 100. So, if a state only has 125 aged leads available, you will pay for 100 leads and receive 25 leads for free.
  • Leads are delivered “as-is” and there is no guarantee of sales or contact rates

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