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Innovative ways of obtaining new leads

If you love your leads from your lead generation company, but want to try other methods of finding leads on your own, why not consider some other tactics? Most of these tactics are inexpensive and may save you marketing dollars.

Mail back newspaper insert cards are small, postage paid, postcards that people can simply fill out and drop in the mail. Some people prefer making contact with an insurance agent rather than receiving a phone call. Mail back cards give people the control to contact you instead of having you contact them when they may not be ready to buy insurance – just yet.

Another source of leads that you may be able to take advantage of are engagement/marriage notices published in your local newspaper. Many newlyweds need home insurance, life insurance, car insurance, health insurance and other types of policies for their new family.

Simply being innovative in finding new leads and combining them with purchased leads is bound to give you a solid customer base to grow your agency and help people find the right insurance for their needs.

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