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Treat Your Insurance Leads Like They Are Your Job

Insurance leads “are” your job. Work them like they are and expect success.

Whether you are just starting out selling insurance or are an old hand at selling policies, you have likely tried the delicate art of cold calling. It is not for everyone and many agents would rather not have to deal with picking up the phone and calling complete strangers.

Since the advent of the computer, social media and other new innovations, including insurance lead generation, you no longer need to cold call. However, you still need to be a decent phone marketer because in reality, calling leads is still a form of cold calling that just happens to include a name, address, phone number and some other possibly useful information to initiate a chat.

How to succeed with phone marketing is a bit of an art, but it is one that can indeed be mastered with a bit of work. The first thing you need to have in your toolbox is the belief that calling leads is going to work. If you go into it with the attitude that it’s going to fail, that you’re going to be nervous and blow it and no one is going to buy anything from you then that is precisely what is going to happen.

Yes, it’s true, what you think, you manifest into reality because that is the kind of energy you send out. Put another way, “belief” is a real thing and it must be a part of your attitude to succeed. Without belief, phone-marketing accomplishments, even with solid leads that have requested information, your success may not manifest itself.

Always be wary of the first excited rush you get when you have new leads to call and people to connect with to talk about insurance. You need to have the mindset that working leads is a long-term, repetitive task, because that is how you grow your agency. It is not something you do just one day a month. Phone marketing and calling insurance leads needs to become a habit that becomes a part of your every day business life.

Run into glitches when calling? Not surprising. Everyone you are going to call is going to react in a different manner. Even if they asked for information about insurance, they may be rude, hang up, say they changed their minds or they do not want to buy right now. What do you do? Tweak your calling routine a little bit each time you run into a “situation.” Keep track of what works and what does not. Be prepared for just about anything to happen because leads are anything but predictable.

Insurance leads “are” your job. Do them often, with diligence, care and enthusiasm. A job you enjoy and work hard at is a job that leads to success.

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