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Online marketing is going to be with us for decades to come

Online marketing, despite what many may think, is going to be with us for decades to come. Maybe you thought that only clothes, perfume, dishes, sheets and books were pretty much the only things that worked in an online marketing milieu. Perhaps you thought insurance contracts could not possibly be sold online, as they were too complex.

True, insurance contracts are complex. However, that is not the real issue. Selling insurance is not so much about the actual contract as about the concept behind it – protection for an individual or family. A policy that takes care of loved ones “if” something happens, a Medicare supplement that is perfect for a customer and provides the care they need to stay healthy and happy, or an older grandfather who wants to make sure his family is not burdened with funeral and burial costs.

Selling protection to those that need it and those that do not yet know they need it or do not understand why insurance is necessary is the glue that holds your agency together. Education is a major component of what you do for a living (selling insurance) and why you want to help others understand that insurance is vitally important.

While you may prefer doing that in person, online marketing is a crucial component of any smart insurance agency marketing plan these days. It also opens the door to thousands of other potential customers and lets you post some great reasons why people do need insurance. So, get with an online marketing program and make sure your website (and social media) are geared to educate and protect.

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