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Still Cold Call Leads? Know the Difference Between Cold and Warm Insurance Leads

To some insurance agents, leads are leads, but there is a difference in the kinds of leads and that difference can necessitate different approaches to selling your product and services.

If you have been selling insurance for any length of time, you have likely heard about warm leads versus cold leads. Cold leads are ones you have never had any contact with whatsoever and calling those leads is literally meeting a stranger. There is nothing wrong with this if you are good at calling people you do not know to try and sell them insurance.

Yes, calling cold leads, referred to as cold calling, is a real skill and it is definitely not for everyone. It may not be for you. It may be worth a try for the sake of comparison, but make sure you try other leads as well to experience the difference. The best leads for any insurance agent are warm leads

Warm Leads Can Be Found Just About Anywhere

Warm leads are usually right in front of you. You can find them just about any place, and they include people such as:

  • people you have spoken to before
  • people you have met before
  • your neighbors
  • your friends
  • your relatives
  • followers on Facebook
  • followers on Twitter
  • connections on LinkedIn
  • connections on other media platforms
  • blog followers
  • previous customers
  • attendees at online seminars you hold
  • pre-qualified, pre-screened leads purchased from an online lead generation company

As you can see, there are so many different ways to work with warm leads, you could be busy for months on end. Just be careful you do not waste too much time trying to convert those leads that have not been pre-qualified, are not exclusive to you and have not been pre-screened.

Marketing dollars need to be spent wisely and one way a smart insurance agent garners more conversions is by purchasing pre-qualified, pre-screened exclusive-to-you-only leads from a reputable lead generation company, such as benepath.net

It is hard enough as it is to start out new in the insurance business without failing to take advantage of the help there for the asking in the form of pre-screened, pre-qualified exclusive leads. Why buy exclusive leads? Don’t all lead generation companies say they sell exclusive leads, but really mean exclusive to about seven different agents?

Fair enough question. Yes, that does happen with some lead generation companies. They sell you
and seven other agents the same leads. This is a waste of time and money. If you buy guaranteed-exclusive-to-you leads from benepath.net, they are only sent to you and no one else. That is a wise marketing investment on your part, as these exclusive pre-screened real time leads have a significant chance of converting if you work quickly and diligently.

So if you want to try cold calling, go ahead. It may suit you and it may not, but chances are good you are going to find it a waste of valuable time and money. Then, to compare, get some solid leads from benepath.net and see your income spike in a short period of time. Good leads make for good marketing and good marketing tactics make a savvy insurance agent a good income.

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