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The biggest battle an insurance agents face is against themselves

The toughest battle insurance agents face is fighting with themselves. Seem odd? It’s not really. The hardest things any insurance agent faces, whether new to the business or an old hand at selling insurance, is maintaining the right mindset, having the confidence to keep going, facing fears that crop up over time and holding steady with the firm conviction that you do believe in yourself.

Feeling like the bottom fell out of your business plans? That you are not getting enough conversions? That you have tried just about everything you can think of to boost business? That some days the hurdles to educating people about the value of having insurance are just too difficult to deal with any more?

Virtually every agent has days like that, even the very successful ones. When push comes to shove, start spending more quality time with consistently successful agents. Take a close look to see what they may be doing that is different from how you run your business. Attend training calls, listen to MP3 recordings, read the right kinds of marketing books with self help tips, attend seminars and presentations and get out and see what everyone else is doing.

There are no shortcuts to being successful. It takes time. It takes commitment. It takes the drive and will to succeed every single day of the week all year long. It takes curiosity and the conviction that you can make a difference, want to make a difference and find ways to do just that. You can achieve anything you want to achieve, but you have to stop fighting yourself to get there.

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