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Use the internet to grow your insurance agency by using leads to start the process

Buying insurance leads is one thing. Working them diligently is another. Converting is the ultimate goal. It’s one thing to call real time insurance leads, but quite another to also keep in touch with those leads by taking advantage of the power of social networking.

Yes, there are going to be customers that do not have access to the internet. However, there are just as many that do have it and use it for various things. If a potential customer does not use a computer, it’s a good bet these days that their children or grandchildren do. There is always a way to send leads information other than by regular mail.

Find out how to get information they ask for to them. Make sure to stay in touch for the duration, from initial contact to eventual conversion. That does not happen overnight, although we have heard of it happening now and then. The point is, leads do not work themselves and agents are busy people. Leveraging the internet and social media is one of the best ways to manage the workflow and to stay on top of the changing demographics of your agency.

Using leads keeps your business growing. Using the internet to expand your reach even further is smart marketing.

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