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Don’t waste precious marketing opportunities by not having the right kind of presence online

Even if you do smart marketing by purchasing pre-screened insurance leads from a lead generation company, you need to have an online presence — online and offline. Use your social media presence and addresses on all of your offline marketing materials, such as letterhead, business cards and various other print media.

And don’t forget the signature line used for email correspondence. Agents should also consider adding their website address to any phone messages. While it might seem a bit like overkill, there are never too many ways to provide access to your insurance company to buy policies. What works for one individual may not work for another and you need to be available to deal with queries when they come in or very shortly thereafter. In fact, your contact information is the first thing that should be given to the leads you call.

It should come as no surprise that if you miss out on offering contact opportunities, you might also miss signing up a new customer.

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