When a lead generation company says their leads are less than 24 hours old and hot off the internet, read the fine print on their website VERY carefully

Unless a lead generation company offers real-time leads and means it, leads are never 24-hours old or less. This is a physical impossibility due to the fact that it takes detailed work to get the leads off the internet, gather them, classify them, upload them to a spreadsheet, package them and then market them. The truth is that 80 to 95 percent of the leads sold online to insurance agents and other marketers are older than 24 hours.

It never pays to just look up a lead generation company, glance through their website and decide you want to spend money on their leads. Do what you tell your own customers: “Read the fine print.” You may find out many things that do not work for you with that particular lead generation company. For example, the fine print might say they do not replace dud leads. That means you could possibly be out-of-pocket for one or more leads per batch. That adds up over time.

Always check out the company you like. We cannot emphasize that enough. It is for your own protection to check everything you are told and promised, not to mention the fact that if you do due diligence and find something you do not like, you just saved yourself money to buy decent leads that convert someplace else.

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