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You Could Be Your Own Health Insurance Lead Generator, but Is It Worth the Time?

Why buy health insurance leads when you could generate your own? Good question. But look before you leap.

Online marketers always make out that there is a huge secret to marketing online. That’s actually a whole lot of hooey. Marketing online takes work, good leads and dedication — period. That’s no secret. But what about the money you put out to buy leads from a lead generation company? Couldn’t you generate your own leads? Sure you could, but is it worth it?

Let’s consider a few realities here. Generating leads takes a huge investment of time and dollars, not to mention the necessary skill to target the right market niche. Do you have search engine optimization training? Do you know how to target certain keywords? Do you know what you want to specifically market? Do you know how to market insurance products in a highly competitive market?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, you don’t need to be reading this article. If you stumbled over a number of them, buying leads from a lead generation company that knows what its doing is your best bet if you want to convert leads into solid customers. The top notch lead generation companies have the art of gathering leads down to a science. An agent just starting out is not going to be able to compete, but if you are determined to try, it is worth the learning experience.

If attempting to garner leads on your own, be prepared to face the fact that many of the leads you may be able to generate — from a contact form on your website, via pay per click (PPC) ads, e-zine and magazine ads or elsewhere — may suffer from being too generic.

Say you offered a free iPad to the 30th person to contact you about health insurance. Yes, you would get leads, but they would be more interested in the iPad than the health insurance. That’s an expensive promotion and a waste of marketing dollars. It is not properly targeted. It does not provide many potential viable returns, and those who do respond are not “leads” in the true sense because they are not genuinely interested in buying health insurance.

If you source your leads from a lead generation company, you get pre-screened, pre-qualified leads in real time. You get people who actually want you to call them and provide them information about insurance. Those leads do convert, do not waste your time and can be the foundation of a very financially prosperous business.

If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a mail campaign or PPC ad campaign to generate leads, go ahead and try it. Keep statistics on the number of conversions made with each approach. Then, buy leads exclusive to you only and see how many convert. The numbers, on comparison, tell all.

Marketing insurance is a tough job, particularly in this economy. Why waste time and money on trying to generate your own leads when you can get them ready-to-go and ready-to-convert?

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