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Targeting Final Expense Leads to Find an Untapped Market

Finding leads is a task insurance agents love to hate, and it is vital to financial success.
Final expense leads can be profitable, but they can also be difficult to source unless an agent opts to deal with a reputable lead generation company.

The advantages of final expense insurance leads actually come from their lack of popularity. Many agents prefer to avoid this class of leads because death is not a wildly popular topic with potential clients. And an unpopular topic is likely to create an unpopular product.

Given that presupposition, agents traditionally sidestep these leads, feeling they are not productive. And that leaves the market virtually untapped. Moreover, the lack of popularity does not translate to a lack of sales if the agent in question understands the product and the need it fills well.

When you buy leads from a reputable source, you are able to specify the geographic area you want, get the latest leads on an exclusive basis and save time trying to convince potential leads that they need your product. When you purchase a lead, the contact has already expressed interest in it.
Before paying for leads, conduct some market research on the company that piques your interest. Find a lead generation company that properly filters leads in accordance to your specificity based on age, profession, geography and insurance product preference.

Start with a small number of leads to test the waters. Investing in bulk leads may be a waste of time and money. Once you get a sense of the quality of leads offered by a company, open other options to refine your lead criteria.

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