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Exclusive life insurance leads may be the answer before you ask the question

When you get started in the insurance business, one of the first things you ask is how you go about getting life insurance leads. Other agents will tell you, based on their experiences, what works for them. With that information in hand, you can try everything at least once to figure out what works in your office.

The one thing that you should know right off the bat, though, is that buying leads online from a lead generation company is cost effective and efficient. Just be aware of what you are ordering, and then buy accordingly. For instance, there are less expensive leads when it comes to life insurance and there are more expensive leads for exclusive life insurance leads. That old saying, “You get what you pay for” is applicable here.

Lower-priced leads are typically shared with up to seven other agents. Unless you are Quick-Draw McGraw, you are apt to find yourself talking to frustrated potential customers who are tired of chatting with insurance agents. If you were in their shoes, you’d know the feeling. Opt for exclusive leads. They are genuinely exclusive to only you. Take them and run. They will bring you business.

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