Looking for exclusive life insurance leads? You’ve come to the right place.

Benepath.net has some terrific news for agents looking to make the most of their insurance business. We offer you exclusive life insurance leads, meaning exclusive to YOU only, and we guarantee that. We do not offer them to anyone else once you have purchased them, and that means you have an immediate ‘in’ with the leads that you call.

They likely have not talked to another agent and you would be the first call, because you are receiving the leads in real time. If you get right on them and build a lasting rapport with your prospective customer, your business will grow exponentially to where you want it to be.

The nice thing about benepath.net and our exclusive life insurance leads is that if you work them promptly, your sales record is going to start looking very good, and so will your agency’s bottom line. Why try the rest (lead generation companies), when you have the best (with benepath.net).

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Exclusive life insurance leads may be the answer before you ask the question

When you get started in the insurance business, one of the first things you ask is how you go about getting life insurance leads. Other agents will tell you, based on their experiences, what works for them. With that information in hand, you can try everything at least once to figure out what works in your office.

The one thing that you should know right off the bat, though, is that buying leads online from a lead generation company is cost effective and efficient. Just be aware of what you are ordering, and then buy accordingly. For instance, there are less expensive leads when it comes to life insurance and there are more expensive leads for exclusive life insurance leads. That old saying, “You get what you pay for” is applicable here.

Lower-priced leads are typically shared with up to seven other agents. Unless you are Quick-Draw McGraw, you are apt to find yourself talking to frustrated potential customers who are tired of chatting with insurance agents. If you were in their shoes, you’d know the feeling. Opt for exclusive leads. They are genuinely exclusive to only you. Take them and run. They will bring you business.

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Exclusive life insurance leads are your ticket to success

If you want to be on the phone every day talking to people who really want what you are selling, then you will be interested in exclusive life insurance leads. Yes, you could opt for regular ones, as they are less expensive. However, they are also worked to death before you get them. They are definitely not exclusive to only you.

The old marketing adage about “getting what you paid for” is very true when it comes to buying exclusive life insurance leads. Because they are definitely only sent to your inbox, you have a jump on your competition, as you are working with pre-screened, pre-qualified potential customers. It does not get any better than that.

How do you approach someone who has called asking for information on life insurance? Easy. Just speak to them as if you were having coffee in the kitchen and were sitting across from them. No hard sells. Just plain information, offered in a professional manner. It will be clear that you know your products if you answer all of their questions and make recommendations based on what they are telling you they need.

It’s not rocket science. It’s people science. People these days are sick of talking via texting, sitting in public places and watching everyone one their iPhones, not talking to each other. Be the insurance agent who breaks the mold and make your calls personable. Let your potential customers get to know the real you – not as that insurance guy who texts up a storm.

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If you want to grow your business, buy exclusive life insurance leads

If you want a reliable way of making sales in this industry, consider buying exclusive life insurance leads. It’s the one way to know you are getting a pretty much ready-to-buy customer, as opposed to one who may just be kicking tires to see what’s out there. If you stick with shared leads, you will find yourself spending a lot unproductive time on the phone because another agent beat you to the punch.

Exclusive life insurance leads come in real time, fully screened so all you have to do is work them. No one else gets their hands on the leads, because they are only sold to you. It’s nice to not have competition when you want to focus on building your business. The thing is you need to know for sure which kinds of leads do pay off for you. Go ahead and try both kinds, shared and exclusive, and then compare the results.

It won’t be hard to see that your exclusive leads provide a nice return in the form of sales, new customers and guaranteed new leads every day —- if that is how often you want to get leads. It’s all up to you. Having control over the ability to get new sales each day is the only way to build your business without worrying where the next lead will come from.

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Exclusive Life Insurance Leads Pay Off For Agents

Tired of competing with countless other agents to sell life insurance? Tired of always being on the run and making calls to people who hang up on you? If you want to avoid this “between a rock and a hard place” scenario, invest in exclusive life insurance leads. Without a doubt, these pay off for agents, because they are simply that —- exclusive leads. Only you work those leads. Only you follow them up and make the sale. No more competition.

This is the best investment of your time at work that you will ever make. When you opt for exclusive life insurance leads, you get leads that are ready to buy. They might not buy immediately, but give them some space and time, and they will usually follow through. This is because with exclusive leads, you are getting pre-qualified and screened potential clients. It’s worth your time to check it out.

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Exclusive Life Insurance Leads for $19.95

Only 2 Agents per State!

We are currently offering on a very limited basis our exclusive life insurance leads for only $19.95 each when you purchase the leads on a statewide basis.

These leads are the same as our other high quality leads, as they are:

  • Generated online using search
  • They are exclusive to you – not you for this carrier, but just to you!
  • You get the same professional branded experience with our custom thank you page, which will display your picture, any other image you like, as well as information you provide us about your service / firm.

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