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Exclusive life insurance leads are your ticket to success

If you want to be on the phone every day talking to people who really want what you are selling, then you will be interested in exclusive life insurance leads. Yes, you could opt for regular ones, as they are less expensive. However, they are also worked to death before you get them. They are definitely not exclusive to only you.

The old marketing adage about “getting what you paid for” is very true when it comes to buying exclusive life insurance leads. Because they are definitely only sent to your inbox, you have a jump on your competition, as you are working with pre-screened, pre-qualified potential customers. It does not get any better than that.

How do you approach someone who has called asking for information on life insurance? Easy. Just speak to them as if you were having coffee in the kitchen and were sitting across from them. No hard sells. Just plain information, offered in a professional manner. It will be clear that you know your products if you answer all of their questions and make recommendations based on what they are telling you they need.

It’s not rocket science. It’s people science. People these days are sick of talking via texting, sitting in public places and watching everyone one their iPhones, not talking to each other. Be the insurance agent who breaks the mold and make your calls personable. Let your potential customers get to know the real you – not as that insurance guy who texts up a storm.

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About The Author: Clelland Green

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