Yes, Technology Is Still The Leading Way To Market Online

But now, it’s technology that you want to be more “personal” or you may wish to consider using. Face to face conversations seem to be so rare today that mothers are texting their teen, upstairs in his or her bedroom, that it’s time to come down for supper. Talk about degrees of separation. Do not fall into that technological trap of conducting all business online.

People still need to be connected with one another or we lose a whole whack of information about a person by not speaking to them in person. That directly hampers your ability to sell a relevant health insurance policy. It also affects how you handle a claim.

If you do not see the person/customer in the flesh now and then, it’s easy to depersonalize them and perhaps not make as much of an effort to be personable, helpful and caring. And if you aren’t familiar with them as “people” rather than a name and file number, going to bat to rectify an insurance claim may not be that important or get much detailed work done it because you don’t really “know them.”

Know your customers on more than one level and that includes in person, online, at meetings and via social media. The customer is a multi-dimensional individual and its pays for you to know them relatively well. This kind of a connection can help grow your business. The personal touch is never out of vogue.

How to increase sales in the changing world of marketing

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the insurance business for a long time, increasing sales can prove to be challenging. With the rapidly changing area of social media apps, trying a new tactic to increase sales may be difficult but not impossible. The most important thing to remember when trying new ideas, meant to improve sales, is to take on innovation one step at a time.

Today most insurance consumers do their research on the internet. In fact potential consumers will rely on online ratings and reviews for purchasing new products. In other words, the marketing world is changing in tune with developing technology.

The shift in marketing involves new approaches like:

  • individual marketing
  • customer focus
  • word of mouth is key
  • customers control the message

With this shift in consumer behavior, marketing companies, including insurance, should invest time in learning new apps and technology. In order for this to be successful, it is important to fully explore and master new technologies and apps. You have to remember that these apps are marketing tools which will bring in revenue.

New technology serves to grow your business in three major ways:

  • increasing sales
  • improving customer engagement
  • increasing customer loyalty

Remember that in the new ever-changing maketing environment, techinical knowledge is not neccessary for bettering marketing techinques and boosting sales; curiosity is key.


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