How to consistently get efficient sales

Maybe you think it is easy enough to get the leads in and then call them as you go down the list. While that may work for some agents, such as the ones who have been in the business for a long time, this is not going to work for new agents.

New agents need a clear and consistent routine to follow. To do that successfully, leads need to be classified by using a consistent ranking procedure. All leads have equal value, and by ranking them from good to questionable saves time, money and frustration. Once the leads are classified, an agent knows how much time they will spend on that lead.

If you have other agents in the office working leads, a lead classification system makes their jobs easier as well. Teach your agent well so they can follow the best way to convert leads to sales. While lead generation is important to the health of an insurance agency, effective lead management is even more crucial for making sales.

How to manage leads

Managing your existing business leads is important. If you keep obtaining new leads but have no effective way of tracking them, there is no way of knowing what profitable business opportunities are missed.

Any insurance agency should implement a consistent lead management system. Successful agencies implement the following organizational tools:

  • A centralized database
  • A lead classification system
  • A centralized database is key for organizing and managing all leads. Such a database allows employees to access the information available for all leads. The database will keep track of any changes made to all existing leads.

    Every insurance company should have an established and uniform classification system that ranks incoming leads. A consistent ranking system, that is company wide, will make sure that employees do not classify leads with different methods.

    A consistent and organized lead management system allows for improved lead generation and higher revenues on insurance sales. An efficient lead management process saves time, money and effort giving your company an edge over your competitors.


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