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Most frequent questions and answers
We only distribute leads exclusively. This means a 1-to-1 contact with the shopper and the agent. They are never resold, unlike other lead brokers who sell their leads as much as 10 times.
  • B2C U65- Health and Term Life Insurance

  • B2C 65+ – Medicare Supplement and Final Expense 

  • B2B- Group Health Insurance and Commercial Insurance

  • All products offer aged lead options

  • That depends on the territories you select. When you call, we will help you match your desired lead flow with the territories. We then provide you with our estimate on the number of leads you will receive as well as the maximum number you will pay for.
  • Our leads are the most qualified, highest contact rate, best insurance leads you can find. Read some of our testimonials to find out what other agents are saying.
  • We have an in-house advertising team that specializes in paid search (Google and Bing) as well as email, social and other forms of digital advertising to find the consumers who are actually searching for a plan.

  • When you compare our lead costs to the real cost of a shared lead, they can seem expensive. When you buy a shared lead, you are buying that lead with 5 other agents. So your cost is really 5 times more than what you paid when you compare it to a truly exclusive lead. Contact us for more pricing information

  • Phone call pricing depends on your region and the product you are interested in. Contact us for pricing 

  • Aged leads are a great option for new agents or agents looking to compliment their real-time lead purchase. See aged lead pricing

  • We charge a deposit for your first week’s estimated leads. Then we bill you one week at a time. Before we start sending you leads, we have a simple agreement that outlines which program you joined, the cancellation policy, and the like

  • No, there is no long-term contract. You can cancel at any time after the first four weeks by simply providing us with two weeks’ notice.

  • It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is log into the portal and request a credit

  • You will get credit for any lead that is a duplicate or that has bad contact information. Although we make our best effort to validate leads before sending them, some do make it through and we will credit you for that lead