We offer Exclusive Data Leads, Phone Calls, and Aged Leads!

Why Exclusive Leads?

  • You need a 1-to-1 connection.
    Connecting with the right person in your territory is often difficult. We match you with consumers searching for coverage in your territory. Once we connect you, no other agent receives that lead.
  • You close up to 3x more prospects. Shared leads are over-contacted, already-sold, and have low likelihood of answering your call. Our Exclusive Leads expect your call because we show them your customized thank you page when they complete their form.
  • Work less or make more, the choice is now yours.
    With our Exclusive Leads, your contact rate will be higher than shared leads. This means you can choose to work less and make the same income you do now, or work the same hours and make more money. The power is yours because you aren’t on the phone for hours calling shared leads who are already sold.
Here’s what some of our agents have to say:
“I absolutely love the Benepath exclusive leads. This program consistently brings me high quality leads who not only know that I am calling, they are typically eager to speak with me! Since starting on the Benepath program my business has really picked up and I spend less time prospecting and more time selling.”

Fred-Allen Self, WI
“These are, hands down, good leads! I've worked with many lead companies in the past, and currently I have 2 other vendors. When Benepath says they are different from the rest, they really are. I have phone conversations with most of the leads, and because of the set up Benepath has, most of those leads were expecting my phone call”

Lucner M., Combined Insurance