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Your Lead Sees Your Custom Thank You Page

Prospects Expect Your Call

Prospects Expect Your Call

After the prospect completes our form, they can see your information including your picture, your logo and brief description about you or your agency.

Or Show Your Quotes

Or Show Your Quotes

If you have Broker Office or Quotit, we can show your quotes seemlessly with the information the consumer provided.


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What's Your Contact Rate?

The real question is "How good are you at selling insurance?" and "How well do you professionally follow-up on the leads?" Agents who follow our recommended best practices report contact rates averaging 75%.

How much to get started?

There is no up front fee to get started, you only pay for your leads. You simply put up a deposit for the first week's leads and then are billed on a weekly basis.

When can I cancel?

After the initial 4 weeks, provide us with one week's notice.

How many leads can I get per month?

Depends on your territories and availability. Call to check!

Are you like all the other lead companies?

Heck, no! We are way cooler check out our video.

How much do leads cost?

Depends on the lead type, your territories and order size. Call to check

Lead Types

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